Why Ugly?

Sometimes it feels like the rules of this world were written a billion years ago; forever tattooed into the sky so every living being on Earth would be unable to ignore them. What is beautiful and what is not doesn't seem as subjective as it should be.

There is no greater proof of the frustration of this concept than the adolescent years we all struggle through: Attempting to discover who we are and where we belong, figuring out our likes and dislikes, determining how to spend our time and who to spend it *with*, and ultimately being judged for each one of those decisions along the way. It changes you. It changes how you view life, it changes how you make decisions, it changes who you share your feelings with and when you feel it's safe to be honest. It erodes the trust and purity you once had as a child and fills the void with doubt and fear.

The word "ugly" no longer refers to your great aunt's tattered and stained couch, but to the music you listen to, the clothes you wear, and the movies you watch, but in reality it’s just a label put on things that others can't find value in or don't understand. Even in the most gruesome horror movies is true craft, true art...true beauty. Every meticulous detail ideated, developed, sculpted and polished may have a frightening agenda, but the process is pure and beautiful.

Creating with no boundaries is what defines this beauty. No limitations, no rules, no judgment, just imagination. It’s freedom of true expression and it’s something we all yearn for.

Uglybooks are designed and developed to break down the walls of expectation and to open up a world of free thought, similar to the way we all used to think when we were children. Back when we didn't know why *certain things* had to be *certain ways*. Back when you told people you were going to be a superhero when you grew up and it didn't feel ridiculous to say out loud.Uglybooks are determined to create limitless boundaries through size and color combinations so that every book feels like a welcoming challenge to try something new and to think freely.

Because beauty should have no rules.