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How many pages do Uglybooks have?

48 interior pages.

When will my favorite colorway be back in stock?

We have over 3,000 colorways planned. We do not foresee restocking any particular colorways in the next few years, if at all. We might decide to bring back a colorway, but we cannot guarantee which one or when that might be.

Is Uglybooks paper acid free?


What weight paper is used to make Uglybooks?

We are currently using 120gsm for the inner pages and 300gsm for the cover stock. We are in the process of upgrading to 135gsm for the inner pages and 350gsm for the cover stock, however the difference in feeling is not significant enough to really notice.

Are Uglybooks ok to be used with watercolors or other wet media?

Uglybooks do not use watercolor paper. Some of our customers have used watercolors and other wet media, but the paper may buckle depending on the amount of water used.

Is your paper recycled?

Five of our colors are 100% recycled pulp. The rest of our paper is 100% FSC recycled, post-consumer fiber and are completely biodegradable and recyclable.

Is there any branding on the covers of Uglybooks?

The front cover of all Uglybooks are completely free of branding. The back cover has a small foil embossed logo on the bottom. The books are wrapped with a clear shrinkwrap that includes a printed transparent sticker. The images where you see text on the front of the book is actually just the sticker on the shrinkwrap.

Are all three books in the package the same colorway?

Yes, with the exception of our Mystery Books.

So what's the deal with the Mystery Books?

Mystery Books have three completely different colorways in one package. If you order two Mystery Books packages you may end up with some of the same colorways.

Do you have books with multiple interior page colors?

Not yet, but we plan on it!

Will you be making other sizes?

We plan on that as well!

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