You know that Pink Floyd record cover that shows up on every dorm room wall somehow? These books are like what came out of that unexplained floating space pyramid, except super useful and fun!

With cover stock AND interior pages spanning the entirety of the color spectrum, you can pick whatever book matches the mood you’re in.

Oh, and if you’re looking to make friends, we guarantee these will do a better job than some old classic rock poster. Sorry, pops.


These notebooks are just about as tough as you can get while still allowing for maximum portability. Beat them up—throw them in your bag, in your pocket, on a park bench, under a speeding car, into a volcano* ...whatever! These books can handle a beatin’.

Each Uglybook is printed on super durable recycled paper. How durable you ask? Well the covers are 111lb of fury, but even more tough are the rocksteady 80lb interior pages!

With paper this tough, it’s time you stop treating your notebooks and sketchbooks like that porcelain kitty cat statue you bought at the flea market that one time, for some reason.

*Our lawyers warned us about using the volcano line, and although we haven’t proven that they can withstand a molten abyss, it also hasn’t been DISPROVEN either. Just sayin’.


Because the paper in Uglybooks are so colorful and durable, we encourage you to try out whatever type of mark-making utensil you have!

Don’t be shy. These pages will not judge you or your favorite Valentine’s Day crayon set you saved from third grade..

Don't judge an Uglybook by its cover.

We deliberately did not print all of our logo junk on the front of each Uglybook to make sure that you could make each one your own. When you open up a three-pack, the Uglybook branding comes with it, leaving a nice blank canvas for you to do with it as you wish.

Maybe you want to draw all over it or cover it with stickers. Maybe you’d rather write the dates in which you started and finished each book so you can carefully catalogue your collection. Maybe alliteration isn’t your thing and that’s OK too!

Whatever you choose, just remember that these books are made for you to let your imagination run free without influence from us or anyone else.

Well, maybe a little bit from us in the form of a small logo on the back. We’re running a business here after all, people!


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